Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Cats Meow

On Saturday my family had a Halloween party for this sweet girl...

Aubrey, aka Wonder Woman, is my cousins daughter. Isn't she precious? She is the sweetest thing ever. All the Halloween decorations scared her though so she went around all night saying "Its scary down there".
While I love Halloween; I've just never really went all out with costumes. This year was no exception. At the last minute I bought a set of ears and tail and wore all black. I was a cat in case you can't tell.
I do have a funny story from one of my students.
Student: Mrs. D., what are you being for Halloween?
Me: a cat
Another student: You mean like Halle Berry in Cat Woman?
Me: umm, not so much. I'm more like an old fat house cat.


Mandy's Memories said...

aren't they so funny. The other day I was asked by one of my kindergarteners if I lived back in the "old days" lol

Anonymous said...

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