Thursday, November 3, 2011

Do you see a trend?

I have seen a lot of people doing the weekly wardrobe posts so I decided to start taking a pic with my phone before I head to work each morning. I wasn't sure I would start doing the weekly posts but when I was uploading them to my computer I noticed a recurring theme.

I am obviously in love with cardigans and scarfs.

purple and olive green (which is my new favorite color to wear) . The tank was on clearance at Old Navy

I got this cardigan for less than $8.00 at NY & Company. I love the ruffles on the front.

Animal print scarf on clearance at JCPenney's

I wear this scarf more than any other one I have ever owned.

Since I love scarfs and cardigans so much lets put them together.


Mallory said...

You look great!!

Amber said...

I am loving that cardigan from NY & Co... so cute, and such a great deal!
Hope you are having a great weekend!