Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ASU Homecoming 2011

Chris and I made the trek up the mountain for our college's homecoming.

First we stopped by to carve pumpkins with our niece and nephew.

Chris has always been the official pumpkin carver but this year I helped Eli. He told me that he wanted to draw the face of his pumpkin and then I would cut it out for him.

I had to persuade him to give his pumpkin 2 eyebrows.

After a quick lunch at McDonald's (we also ate breakfast there) we headed to Boone for some tailgating and the game.

We went straight to Duck Pond and met up with some of our college buddies at Chris's fraternities tailgate.

It was really warm when the game started but as soon as the sun went down it got very cold.

Lanie expressed it perfectly when she said, "It was 99 degrees when we got here and now its 30 degrees."

We had such a great time and cherish any time we get to spend with our favorite little kids in the world. Plus App got another win.

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