Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monograms: A Southern Staple

Does everyone love monograms as much as Southern people?

Both of these necklaces are adorable. I love the pearl detail on the second one.

This will be on my Christmas list.

Takes me back to my sorority days. Except all the monograms then were done with paint pens. Oh, how I loved paint pens.

I want one of these now.

Love this above the bed.

and of course a simple monogram wreath for any and every season

(all of these can be found on Pinterest)


JLN said...

I am a northern girl who has been living in the "south" for 10 years and LOVE monogrammed items now...it's definitely a southern thing, but so classy. I love the wreath decoration and, of course, the jewelry!! You make me want to shop now :)

Camille said...

I am from Oregon, but I LOVE monograms!!! I would use them everywhere if I could!

The only thing, is being from up here I keep getting mixed information about the order of monogram for a couple.
What order does it go in?