Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Current Biggest Peeves

I know that ya'll are all dying to know the things that drive me crazy...

~ Mumbling. Maybe this is because I'm a high school teacher but it seems like no one talks were you can understand them. Speak up and speak clearly.

~ Checking in on Facebook. Who cares that you just checked into PF Changs with your BFF and then an hour later that you checked into the mall. I personally do not want my 450 facebook friends knowing where I am at all times. If your important enough to me to need to know where I am then I promise I will call you and let you know. Don't even get me started on tagging. Why do you care to let everyone know who your with. If their important enough to you that they know then why aren't they with you.

~ Have manners. Say thank you please.

~ When the light turns green go. A yellow blinking turn light means that you can turn when nothing is coming.

~Stand for the pledge. (Another teacher peeve)

~ Stop taking my monogramed coffee mug out of the teachers lounge. (I'm guessing that's none of ya'll though)


Truly His said...

Love this post. I completely understand...Facebook. I decided to take a fast from it this summer. Hope you are having a fabulous summer :)

Jules said...

Loving this post right now and I'm with you on so many of these, especially the mumbling and Facebook check-ins. I have one friend who always checks us in whenever we’re out with him and I gently told him I don’t like my business all over the place because it creeps me out. I don’t think he got the hint. I’ll have to tell it like it is next time!

Heather said...

I HATE that feature on FB too, honestly I'm just starting to hate Facebook. Way too many people are on there nowadays.

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

hahaha! Love this post... I feel the same way about fb... it's almost an invitation "break into my house, I'm not home!"