Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Movie Night

Or how about 8 movies?

Above is Hub's new Christmas present to himself. This TV is HUGE and so nice. Plus its 3D. I have never been a big technology person but I am seriously in love with this tv.
Needless to say we were both very excited about getting it set up so that we could watch TV and movies at perfect quality. And boy did we.

Here are the movies that we watched during our Christmas break.

Love this movie! It looked amazing on the new tv.

Not crazy about this one. In fact we didn't even finish it. Surprisingly the language was pretty bad.


I was lost. We had also cooked dinner and had my family over so I didn't sit down long enough to really pay attention.

Can you believe that I had never seen Flashdance? It was okay but no where near as good as other 80's classics like Dirty Dancing.

I didn't make it all the way through Devil because that is when the food poisoning set in. I didn't like the parts I did see though. I am not a fan of scary movies.

The big surprise was The Other Guys. I am not a fan of Will Ferrell but this movie was actually pretty good. I recommend it.

Despicable Me is adorable. If you like kids movies then you must watch this one.

Have ya'll watched any good movies lately?

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Heather said...

Pearl Harbor is one GREAT movie!! So sad though :(.