Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Funny Friends and Sweet Babies

I have talked about my childhood friend, Michelle, on here before. She is a professional comdien and has been living in Florida for the past few years. She came home for a visit with her 2 beautiful children last week and called and we set up a dinner date.

My best friend Erin with her little boy Dax, me, and Michelle with her 2 children; McKinley and Gramm.

We had so much fun catching up and playing with the children. Dax had a good time too!

Look at those sweet rosey cheeks!

Future match? Probably not. Dax would reach over and grab her hand and she would get so excited that she would start squealing at him and it would scare him to death. He would poke out his lower lip and look up at me like he was about to start crying. Then they would do it all over again.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, those are SWEET babies!!!

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Leslie said...

What cute babies!! Thanks for following me :) I follow you back now!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

These are the sweetest pics, and such precious little babies! Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I gave you an award on my blog today! :)

a life of color said...

What a cute blog post!! Those little ones are precious!!

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