Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Outlaws

I asked Hub's for some suggestions on what to blog about while I'm gone on vacation and his first response was his family. They've all been featured in posts before but I've never done one just to highlight them. So here goes...

This is Chuck and Jeanie. Chuck is Chris's oldest brother. They have one son; Luke.

This is us with our niece, Lanie, and our nephew, Eli.

Father-in-law; Ken, Chuck, Hubs, and Kirk. Kirk is Lanie and Eli's dad. He is also older than Hub's.

The boys again.

Us with Brenda and Ken; my mother and father in law. Don't you think Hub's looks like his momma?

Part of us at Christmas. We missed Chuck, Jeanie, and Luke.

Lanie and Luke.

Eli and I.
Not only was I blessed with a wonderful family but I was also extremely blessed with an amazing second family when I married Hubs. We wish that we could see all of them more often but distance and busy schedules keep us from being able too.


Brooke&Tyson said...

haha cute!!

Liz said...

~Adorable Photos~ =) ~Liz