Friday, July 9, 2010

Oldtimers Softball

The first week in June I hosted the Inaugural BCHS Oldtimers Game. Actually I as the softball coach at the high school hosted it. Since I graduated and played at the same school I was part of the action. It was a blast and we are already looking forward to next year. There are lots of pictures so I'll try to be short with words.

Lindsey (we coach and teach together) with our favorite waiter at our favorite Mexican restaurant

me batting

Erin (my BFF) catching

Kelly batting for the green team. She was a senior the first year I coached.

Brandi. We played together in high school.

pitching action

me playing 2nd base. In high school I was the center fielder.

Lindsey and I with Marsha. She is our school social worker.

Hubs and I

#1 of course

Dawn, one of our school guidance counselors

the green team

the gold team

Erin and I before the game. We needed at least one pre-sweat picture.
We played 2 games and we (the gold team) won both of them. Everyone was really sore afterwards but it was a ton of fun. And most of us hadn't lost a step since high school.

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