Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Week

I'm finally going to share some of the pics from our beach vacation last week. I've already shared all the 4th of July photos but here are a few from the rest of our vacation.
Hubs and his mom. I think he looks like her. Still not sure where he got all his height from since his dad is shorter then his mom.

I spent a good bit of my time in this hot tub.

Hubs found a chair that fits him.
Lanie and Hubs swimming.

Hubs making friends.

Umm not sure.

No, we did not do this on purpose. It just always seems to happen. We have to stop shopping together.

After a day on the beach.

Wednesday night momma and I went to the Palace theater to see The All-American Trailer Park Musical. It was hilarous. Does anyone else think that I look like the attack of the 50 foot woman in this picture?

Another day by the ocean.

Going out to dinner.

Eli and Hubs at dinner.

Daddy, momma, and I
Lanie getting ready to do the bungee jump at the mall.


Heather said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time at the beach!!!

Mallory said...

Looks like a blast and I'm jealous you are going back! Have fun!