Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lovin the Life at the Lake

Sunday we spent the day at the lake with my brother and sister-in-law. Now, don't go thinking that we're bad children and didn't even spend Father's Day with our dad. My parents have been in Omaha, Nebraska for the past week. They are there to cheer on our Gamecocks in the College Baseball World Series. We beat Arizona State yesterday and my dad was on TV. We dvr'd it and watched it last night to find him and there he was.

Jeff and I. And yes, that mustache is real and it only gets worse.

We love days on the lake!

Kirs after too much wine.

I love my sister-in-law.

Jeff wakeboarding.

The mustache makes me laugh. He had a beard and everything but decided to shave it all off since it is so hot. Well when he started he decided to leave the mustache and show everyone.

Close up of how ridiculous it looks. And it's scary how much he looks like my dad with it.


Rachel said...

haha, the mustache. I am hoping Clemson pulls a win today so they don't have to pay the Gamecocks!

USCEmily said...

I am so jealous of your parents! Omaha is so much fun!!

I'm hoping if Clemson wins today then history (circa 2002) will repeat itself and the Gamecocks will beat them twice to send them home! Now, THAT would be awesome!

Caitrin said...

The mustache is hilarious!! And it looks like you guys had such a fun day on the lake!

Beth said...

D always threatens to grow a mustache. Luckily the Army has other plans and he never has time to grow it long enough to be really ridiculous!

Kathryn said...

Fun! We are heading to the lake excited!

Also, I just wanted to tell your WW stories are so motivating to me, so thank you for sharing. And you look so cute in your bathing suit! I want to look like that!

Brooke&Tyson said...

So fun!! You are so cute.. I'm so glad I found your blog :)