Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Does it get any sweeter....

South Carolina Gamecocks
Win National Championship

By now most of you know that I am a HUGE sports fan. I love all sports (well except for tennis and soccer; and I might even like soccer if it wasn't for all those darn horns). My favorite sport is football but baseball is a very close second. Above being just a fan of sports; I am a die hard SC Gamecock fan. And believe me when I say that is not always easy. My parents have had season tickets for Gamecock football for 30 years. I remember going to games when I was very young with my dad and wearing a SC cheerleading outfit. My younger brother cries when the fight song plays and was introduced at his wedding with 2001 Space Odyssey playing (for all you non-Gamecock fans that is their entrance song for football games). I have screamed Go Cocks more times then is appropriate for a proper lady. So you can imagine our excitement when SC made it to the college world series. My parents packed up and headed to Omaha. A vacation planned for the end of this week brought them home early so they weren't able to be at the last Clemson game and the 2 games against UCLA. We watched them all on tv though. It looked like it was going to be 2 and home after a 1st round loss. Obviously it wasn't though. So for one last time (or at least until football starts)... GO COCKS!!!!!


Caitrin said...

yay!! that is awesome!

Kathryn said...

What a BEAUTIFUL day! I can't stop smiling!