Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crazy 8's

8 TV Shows I Like to Watch

1. Glee

2. The Office

3. The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette

4. The Biggest Loser

5. House Hunters

6. Reba

7. Gilmore Girls

8. King of Queens

8 Favorite Places to Eat and Drink

1. El Lorito's

2. Sakura (sushi)

3. Gondola

4. Suazas

5. Oscar's

6. Cracker Barrel

7. Wendy's

8. Chili's

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. summer vacation

2. friend's wedding

3. family vacation to Myrtle Beach

4. laying out by the pool with a good book

5. football season

6. losing my last 20 lbs

7. having a baby one day

8. starting my 5th year of teaching

8 Things that Happened to me Yesterday

1. had one student in my class (testing)

2. kept score at Hub's softball game

3. had dinner with my parents

4. walked 2.5 miles and did the eliptical for 2.8 miles

5. weighed and was estacic to see I had lost 4.2 lbs since last Tuesday

6. started a new book

7. shaved my legs

8. actually got to go out for lunch

8 Thinks I Like About Winter

1. basketbal season

2. sweaters

3. Christmas

4. Hooded sweatshirts

5. warm blankets

6. SuperBowl

7. birthdays

8. knowing that summer is coming soon

8 Things I am Passionate About

2. friends

3. teaching

4. coaching

5. children with disabilities

6. mexican food (lol)

7. being treated fair

8. sports

8 Words or Phrases I Use Often

1. Y'all

2. Negative

3. Sweetheart (I call everyone this)

4. Are you serious?

5. I have to pee (my bladder is tee-tiny)

6. I love you

7. Bless them

8. Stop talking (I am a teacher)

8 Things I Have Learned From the Past

1. base your career on what you love

2. not everyone is a friend for life

3. make the most of what you have been given

4. never leave without telling someone you love them

5. whatever your going through, someone else's problems are a lot worse

6. be happy

7. listen to your parents, what they told you during your teenage years was true

8. if its meant to be it will be

8 Places I Would Like to Visit/See

1. Italy

2. Alaska

3. Brazil

4. Australia

5. Ireland

6. Wyoming

7. New York

8. Vegas

8 Things I Currently Want/Need

1. a vacation

2. to lose 20 lbs

3. a hair appt.

4. a brand new Tahoe

5. a pontoon boat for the lake

6. a lake house

7. a new pair of tennis shoes

8. a pandora bracelet


Annie said...

this was a fun read!
i have a glee obsession ;)
you made me realize i haven't been to cracker barrel in years, i must go soon! mexi food sounds delicious right about now as well! ha!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

how fun!!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

You're good to only have 8 things you want....I know that list woould be going on FOREVER!! Haha!

Cute post :)

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

This is fun! I'm pretty passionate about Mexican food myself (heck, food in general)!
Congrats on the weight loss - tat is awesome!

Kate said...

This is cool! I love all those TV shows, except I have never seen Gilmore Girls! Your list of places to see is great too ( :