Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Review and Weekly Weigh In

Weekend Review:

Friday night I had to work the gate for the high school baseball game. Before the game my friend and I went and got take-out at a local restaurant.

Saturday morning I went with momma to get her some shoes for a wedding. Of course I ended up with some too. (I will share them with you later). Hubs and his brother worked on the deck all day. I can't wait to see it finished. It is going to look so good. I have already started planning our big "Deck Reveal" party. The in-laws decided to come down and visit us and take us all to dinner Saturday night. We went to this great steakhouse on the lake called Linbergers. They have the best salad bar. Unfortunately it was very hard to stay on points and since I hadn't used any of my extra weekly points I decided to use them then.

Sunday morning I slept in late (YAY!!!) while Hubs and brother-in-law worked on the deck some more. He had to leave midday so they only had a few hours to work. Later Hubs took me to the $2 theater to finally see:
I had read the book when it first came out so there were things that I didn't remember but all in all it was a good movie. Plus who doesn't mind staring at Channing Tatum for 2 hours. He is YUMMY! After a Wal-Mart and Sams Club run we finally made it home.

Weekly Weigh-In:
After my first week back on Weight Watchers I am thrilled to say that I lost 6 lbs!!! I am now back down to the weight that I was last October. I still have 2 lbs to lose before I am back to my lowest. My former lowest is not my goal though. My long term goal is to lose another 25 to 29 lbs. It was just so nice to see that the hard work this week paid off. I am not expecting to see that big a number each week but I do expect to see a loss. I have already had to take away a point from my daily allowance so we will see how it goes this week.


Anonymous said...

6 pounds?? Wow! Well done, Kelly!!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I'm impressed! Six pounds is fantastic!

Mallory said...

Great job on the weight loss!!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

YAY!!!!! Congratulations on the weight loss girl! That's GREAT!!! :)

Heather said...

YAY for losing 6 lbs, you go! & Channing Tatum is such a cutie :)

Christa said...

I LOVE Channing Tatum! And CONGRATS on the 6 lbs! That is awesome! I have decided that I'm going to start working out and eating healthy!!!