Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Shopping

I have never been so ready for warm weather. Even in the Carolina's we have had below average temperatures since December. There's nothing like getting you in the mood for the next season then shopping. Below are some of the reasons that I am impatient for Spring to get here.

My mom picked this dress up at Target for me. It was less than $20. Although its a little too short for me to wear to work; I'm sure I will gets lots of wear out of it over the summer.

How cute will these sandals be with the dress above! I picked these darlings up at Old Navy. After a 30% of coupon I only paid $19.00 for them.

This cute top is from Forever 21 for $13.00.

This navy ruffle top is also Old Navy. It was a steal at $8.00.

I got this purple sheer blouse from Kohls for only $24.99.

I was worried that my love for animal print would have to end with warmer weather but alas it can continue. This shirt is from Kohls and was only $11.


Sonja said...

I know what you mean. I am beyond ready for the warmer weather, flops, and tans!

I love the dress from Target! I've been eyeing it but I'm scared it will look ridiculous on me! lol

Jessica said...

Love the spring outfits! I am so ready for spring as well!

Allyson said...

Super cute clothes! I just love Kohls!! I am ready to get a pedicure and wear sandals again.