Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrapping Up the Christmas Festivities

I promise that this is the very last Christmas post I am doing. We just do so many different Christmas parties and get-together that it takes forever to share them all with you. As you know after Christmas Hubs and I spent the better part of the week at the beach. On New Years Eve we left the beach and traveled to Hub's hometown so that we could do Christmas with Hub's side of the family. Friday evening we all went and ate here"
It was my first time eating at a Red Robin and I have to say that we were not the least bit impressed.

The kids enjoyed the statue of liberty though.

After dinner we went back to the in-laws to open gifts and enjoy some homemade desserts.

Eli seeing his big train set for the first time.

Lanie was so excited about her Barbie Glamour Camper. Looks like Eli liked it too.

The neice and nephews opening their gifts.

I just love his little face in this picture.

looking around to see if he has anymore presents

And of course Hubs and I always have to do a close-up.
We had such a wonderful Christmas this year. I am always sad to see the holiday season end. I am ready for spring and some warmer weather though.

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