Friday, January 1, 2010

The Great Hunter or Huntress

Hubs decided that he wanted to take me deer hunting with him on Christmas Eve. I like trying new things and thought it would be fun.

I was excited about wearing all the camouflage.

I was not excited about sitting in this tree stand 20 feet off the ground for 3 1/2 hours. It was 24 degrees and I froze. Plus I had to be quite for that long.

But I had fun I spending time with my sweet husband.

Funny story from my first hunting experience: I have told ya'll before that I am addicted to chap stick and since it was freezing outside I knew I needed to protect my lips. Half way through our hunting trip I pull out my chap stick and Hubs turns to me and says " Are you putting on lip gloss?" I of course said no. I mean what girl wears lip gloss to hunt in. And then he says, "Well I sure hope that is doe scented chap stick". He laughed when I told him it was candy cane flavored and told me I was jeopardizing our hunting trip.

BTW, we didn't even see any deer. We did see a huge squirrel though that I tried to get Hubs to shoot.

We did have a very pretty view from our deer stand. To bad my eyes were fozen and I couldn't see it.

I told Hubs that I would be happy to go fishing with him anytime. Lakes and bathing suits sound so much better than layers and layers of clothing and being quiet for hours at a time. I am pretty sure this was my first and last hunting trip.

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Kendra said...

You are a good sport my friend!!