Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Bachelor Review

I know that I am a little behind but since I think DVR is the greatest invention ever; I never watch a show when it comes on. I have been addicted to The Bachelor for several seasons now and this one is proving to be no different.

Jake is such a cutie. In fact, he is almost too perfect. I love his smile and his eyes but I usually go for darker hair.

The girls this season are out there. I am so glad that Michelle is gone. I couldn't even bring myself to post that crazy girls picture. I love when one of the other girls said that she needed a therapist; not a husband.

Another one of my not so favorites is Vienna. I don't remember her causing so much drama on previous episodes but for some reason the other girls do not like her. I don't think she's very pretty. Something about her hair maybe.

My 2 favorites for this season are Ali and Tenley.

Tenley is a DOLL. Although I do wish she would get loud or mad at least once. I think she will be one of the last ones.
I really liked Ali from her one-on-one date with Jake. She did kind of get on my nerves last night when she was starting so much stuff with Vienna. I think shes really cute though and her and Jake would make a great pair.
Which girls are your favorites?


Sweet Tea and Biscuits said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your blog is adorable !! Tootles :)

Lori said...

I agree! DVR is my best friend! It is so pointless to watch commercials now.

My favorite girl is Ali!! I just love her look, and she does seem very sweet. I think they would go good together! I also didn't really like how she was bringing up drama!

I do like Tenley, but it seems like she could come with some baggage. Her break might not be far enough in her past. I feel really bad for her, I think it would be hard to trust after something like that.

Cory's been growing on me a little.

I am very anxious to see who will be left in the end!!

Alison said...

I didn't know Vienna had been on previous episodes. Really?
This girls are highly dramatic. Love it, but I'm always so embarrassed for them.

Jenna said...

I also think DVR is the best invention ever. I completly agree with your 2 choices. I really like Ali, but like you she also got on my nerves on the last episode. She was a little too vocal. I am trying to not look at the spoilers because I want to see what happens. I usually start really getting into the show when there are only about 5-7 girls are left and most of the girl drama is gone.

Kathryn said...

Ali and Tenley are my favorites too!

Lianna Knight said...

I agree...I like Ali and I am also liking the mom of the little boy...I can't remember her name. But I think Jake is really into her too!

Heather said...

I would DIE without my DVR! It's the best invention ever!!

Tenley and Ella are my favorites! I'm glad Michelle is gone...she had serious issues.

Morgan said...

Tenley is going all the way! She's a perfect match for him.

Jacqueline Smith said...

Ali allll the way :)

love your blog!

A Love Worth Waiting For said...

Ali and Tenley are my favorites too!!