Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving with Family

For Thanksgiving this year we went to visit Hub's family. Usually we stay and do Thanksgiving Day with my family and then go to his families that night and do Thanksgiving dinner with them on Friday. I know that I haven't mentioned this yet on here but during the summer Hub's middle brother and his wife separated. They have 2 young children; Lanie and Eli, who I have been writing about a lot lately since we have been seeing them a lot more then we were. Well, since their dad had them for Thanksgiving and was going to stay with my in-laws we decided to go ahead and go up and spend Thanksgiving Day with them. I missed being with my family but we get to see them all the time since we live in the same area as them. Plus Hubs needed to be back by lunch on Friday to hunt.

Wednesday night we met his parents for dinner at Hub's favorite restaurant; Harpers. They have the best chicken tenders and Cesar salad. Thursday we cooked and had Thanksgiving lunch at Hub's oldest brother's house. Friday morning Hubs and I decided to brave the mobs and head out for Black Friday shopping. We stood in line forever to get his brother a washer and dryer and didn't buy anything else. We stopped for Mexican on the way home and made it home just in time for Hubs to go hunting (more on this later).

Hubs and Eli at lunch.
Mother-in-law and Eli.

He wanted to be in our picture.

Hubs and I on our 4th Thanksgiving as a married couple. They just keep getting better, babe.

Eli and Aunt Kelly.

What a handsome little fella.
I hope that everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving too. We are so blessed.


Lianna Knight said...

glad you had a blessed holiday :) praying for MORE blessings for you in the future!!!

Lori said...

I love your outfit!! You look so great!! I'm sorry to hear that you had a separation in your family.