Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lost but moving on

Must of you know by know that I am a huge sports fan. During the fall Hubs and I can always be found at a football game or watching one on TV. And there is nothing better than Friday night high school football. Last night was a big game for us. Not only was it senior night but it was also the game for 2nd place in the conference. Unfortunately we lost a very close (and well played) game. We aren't too sad though cause we are moving on to the State playoffs next week and have home field advantage.

Momma and I.
It was very cold last night at the game.
Lindsey and I cheering for our boys.

Our blankets. Lindsey and I went to rival universities. We have put aside our differences (well at least most of the time). Its easy for me to be nice about it since our school always whoops them in football.
Can't wait for next weeks playoff game! Go Jackets!

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