Sunday, November 8, 2009

Haunted Fun

Yesterday Hubs and I went to Winston-Salem to meet Hub's parents for dinner at The Village Tavern. They have delicious food and we left with our tummies full.

Hubs and I at dinner.
We then headed to one of Hub's customer's house for a haunted trail.
Is this house not stunning? It was built in 1850 and is supposedly haunted. It was gorgeous inside and out.

As much as I love Halloween; I am a HUGE chicken when it comes to spooky things. I hate horror movies and despise haunted trails and houses. Hubs tried taking me to a haunted trail 5 years ago and saw first hand the pain I feel (and inflict) at these things. Well he begged me to trust him and go through this haunted trail so being the good wife that I am, I went through. And made it out to tell about it!!! It wasn't bad at all and I actually had a lot of fun.

We were joined by a ghost for this picture though.

I am in love with this house.
It was a wonderful fall weekend together. I love spending time with Hubs and it seems like we are so busy during the week so it was great to have a day together.

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Kristy said...

That house is amazing! Glad you had fun!