Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Gamecocks!

These pictures are alitte late but I have just gotten around to getting them all uploaded. These are from October when we went to the South Carolina vs. Vanderbilt game and the SC State Fair.
My brother and his wife, Kirsten.

Hubs and I.

Kirs, Jeff, and Hubs.

Hubs and I with Kirsten
Kirs and I.
We headed to the fair before the game.

Hubs and Jeff tasting the hottest hot sauce this man had for sale.

Yeah, its a little warm. After that we had to go buy bubble gum for them to cool their mouths off.

The SC State Fair
William- Brice stadium from the chair lift.

Jeff and Kirs on the chair lift.

Us at the fair.

Jeff and Kirs.
After lots of yummy food and walking around we decided to go back to the car and tailgate for a little while before the game started.

We put our face stickers on.

Took more pictures and then made our way to the stadium.

At our seats. I love Kirsten's face in this picture.

The Gamecocks warming up.
Cocky makes his entrance. Since it was Homecoming his dad was with him.

Go Carolina!

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Kathryn said...

Yay for the fair and Gamecock football! I was bad and didn't even watch yesterday (hubby is a huge Gator fan and I decided it wasn't in my best interest), but from what I've heard and they looked pretty good. Can't wait to be there in 2 weeks for the Clemson game!

Happy Sunday!