Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We have spirit, yes we do!

Last week was Spirit Week for the high school I teach at. During the week of homecoming their is a different theme for each day and everyone dresses up. This year we had a teacher workday on Monday, Tacky Day on Tuesday, Blast from the Past on Wed, Superhero Day on Thursday, and of course Green and Gold (our school colors) on Friday. I usually try to dress up each day but this year was hard. I have always hated Tacky Day. It take me more time to come up with a "tacky" outfit then it does for me to pick out something that matches. I couldn't come up with anything for Superhero Day. I did do the 80's for Blast from the Past though.

Since I have naturally curly hair it didn't require much effort to get BIG hair. I do wish I had bangs so I could have teased them.

This is Megan, myself, and Lindsey.
We are over the homecoming festivities and all really good friends. We love our football team and coaches so we support them every year by wearing their jerseys.

We love Spirit Week because its the only time that we can wear jeans to school.


Lori said...

Great pictures! Looks like that was a comfy day! I'm lucky I get to wear jeans and work T's to work!! I am all for comfort!

Kendra said...

Looks like fun!!!

And YES I am praying. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

David and I dealt with things very, very differently and it is so difficult.

I would have never made it were it not for the grace of God and for my girlfriends!!! Email me ANYTIME!!!!