Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Starting Again

I had my first appointment with the RE today. Everyone at the office was super nice and made me feel better about being there. I had the absolute nicest nurse. The couple that went in before me was there for their final appointment because they just found out they are pregnant. There was also a family there that drives all the way from Georgia because they loved this office so much. They also had the cutest little girl and had come back to try and have a second child. I have high hopes for this new part of the journey. I know that all miracles come from God and God alone and I have really struggled with our decision to seek more help. I am still not at total peace with this.

On to the appointment: they did an ultrasound and he can see that I have what looks like endomterosis in my left ovary. The surgery that I had last fall only removed the endo. from the outside of my ovaries. They also did a lot of lab work and they want Hubs to come in for some lab work and tests. Once we get all the results back they will no more about what our next step needs to be. It was kind of disappointing because I feel like we are starting all over again with all the tests but I know that they need to do their own tests.


Lianna Knight said...

I'm glad everything went well...we too changed doctors and had to go through the same battery of tests again...but we were able to determine a few things we NEVER thought of because of the tests. It will work out...God has a plan :)

CJ said...

Hang in there girl. It's all part of the journey and very soon you'll look back and have this as the beginning of your story. I pray for you by name, as a few other blog friends, to have your very own babies very soon.

Lacy said...

Kelly, I was praying for you today, and I am glad to hear that the visit went well. Even though miracles come from God, I fully believe that God works in mysterious ways, and that includes the ability to work through medicine and Doctors. I will pray for peace for you about this situation. I am hoping that this "starting over" would be a good thing...and that the RE can help y'all be on the road toward becoming parents!

Lori said...

Kelly, I will pray for you as you go through this step in your journey. It is a difficult decision to go see a specialist, I will pray that the Lord will comfort you and calm your fears. Sometimes I feel like giving up, then I think I would have to go through all the testing again. Then I get frustrated because I think having a child should be a miraculous experience not a horrible one. So that's what I struggle with about "getting help".


Kendra said...

Ugh, such a frustrating process!!!! I am so sorry you are feeling down. Praying God LIFTS YOU UP!!
That is SO encouraging to see the success stories right there in front of you!
And as far as the peace with pursuing fertility treatments, I totally understand...I am right there with you! BUT, I do believe that if I had high blood pressure or something, I would seek a doctor to treat it and have no problems taking meds to help with why should this be any different??

Kathryn said...

I will be thinking of you. It's possible I will in your place very soon....appointment with regular OB/GYN on April 30 to get the process started. We are 1 and a half years into nervous to start this process but I know there is a lot of support out there for those dealing with infertility.
Best of luck to you!