Friday, April 3, 2009

Raising Dough

Just wanted to show you what has been keeping me from blogging.
My class has been doing a Krispy Kreme fundraiser and I have been swamped with doughnuts orders for the past few days. Organizing a fundraiser is hard work! Today is delivery day so I will MIA once again.
Edited to add: Thanks ladies for such sweet comments about my willpower and WW while selling doughnuts. I am not made of iron though. I did eat 4 doughnuts yesterday and at 5 points each that gave me 20 points in just doughnuts. And I don't even really like them. I refuse to touch the box that is still sitting in my kitchen.


Lacy said...

Good luck with the doughnuts!! I am SUCH a sucker for Krispy Kreme!! I would totally buy some if I was there. :)

Kendra said...

Ohhhhh the temptation of being surrounded by delicious Krispy Kreme's while being a point counter!!!!!!!

Guy and Julie said...

You always seem to have a fun project going! I can't believe you took on Krispy Kreme and stayed on the weight loss routine--I am very impressed--and a little envious--I don't think I have that much willpower!