Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back in Action

Finally I have some time to catch up. The doughnut sale was a HUGE success! My class made a lot of money for field trips and projects. This past week was so busy that I just had no time at all to post or even read any blogs. Our church's Easter drama started on Monday night so Hubs has been doing that almost every night this week (he is there now). I went last Wed. night and watched and it is AMAZING! I cried and cried. I am going again tomorrow night along with my parents and brother and future sister-in-law, Kirs.

Today mom and I went with Kirs to have her final fitting done. Our bridesmaids dresses are in so I tried mine on and it will already need to be taken up. I am going to wait until the first of June to have it altered though in case it will need to be taken in more. It looked great though and makes me even more excited about the wedding. Kirs looked absolutely stunning in her gown. She is going to be such a beautiful bride. We also both got shoes for the Big Day.

These are the ones that I got for the wedding. They remind me of the shoes that Baby wore in Dirty Dancing.

I also picked up a dress that I thought might me good for the rehearsal dinner. I am not 100% sure if it is the one that I will wear. I think that it may be difficult to find shoes to wear with it. I tried to find a picture online and couldn't. I will take one soon and post it.

On a side not: My mom has retired. This week was her last week at work. So far she has started reading Twilight (after watching the movie with us last weekend she has now been bitten) and went shopping with my grandma and aunts. I stopped by on my way home from work on Thursday and she had been shopping all day. She handed me a bag of "goodies" (as she called them). In the bag was 2 pairs of work out pants (she said that the ones I am wearing now are "way to big for me"), a thermal underwear shirt (she had just bought me the matching pants the week before), and these sandals:

I wore them today with a black knit dress and they are so cute. Plus super comfortable.


Lori said...

How sweet of your mom to buy you those nice things! I love those sandals!

I had an extrememly busy week also, time just fly's by. Thats great that the dress had to be taken in already! WOW! That probably makes all those dates with the excerise equipment worth it! Keep it Up!

Kendra said...

Love BOTH pairs of shoes!!! How fun your mom buys you bags of goodies =) And also how great that dress keeps needing to be taken IN! You deserve it!! You are doing so great!!

Lacy said...

I love the wedding shoes, they do remind me of Dirty Dancing! :) Kelly you are doing such a great job losing weight!! That is so exciting your dress will need to be taken in!! And Yay for your Mom retiring!