Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Review

There is no weigh in today due to the fact that our scale decided to take a vacation. The batteries are dead so it may be a few days before I weigh in for this week. Hopefully Hubs will bring some home today. Also, the final weigh in for The Biggest Loser challenge at work is this Thursday. I plan on staying on point every day and working out as many days as I can. Today I have a dr.s appointment so I can't eat after 9:30am which is when I usually have my morning snack.

Friday after school I had an eye dr. appointment. After that we met my parents and brother and future sister-in-law for dinner and then went back to our house to watch the NCAA basketball games.
Sat. morning we met the in-laws for breakfast and then headed up the mountain for our nephews 3rd birthday party. Eli had a John Deere themed party and he was just the cutest thing.

Hubs and I with the birthday boy.

Our niece Lanie.

Hubs and Eli

us at the party

Sunday we went to church and watched basketball the rest of the day. We are also trying to finish up the 3rd season of The Office. I have asked for the 4th season to be put in my Easter basket.
Our church's huge Easter drama starts tonight with the dress rehearsal. Hubs is in it. They do 10 different performances now through Easter so the next 2 weeks we will be busy every night. I have 3 softball games this week; including one today.


Lacy said...

Wow you guys are busy!! That John Deere party was SOOO cute!! Good luck with the weigh in this week and enjoy catching up on The Office!

Lori said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The John Deere themed party looks so cute. My little nephew also had a John Deere themed 1st birthday party.

I'm impressed, it sounds like you like NCAA march madness. My husband would love if I showed a little more enthusiasm.

Good Luck on the weigh in! You look great!

momma said...

you look good in those pictures!

we love the office, too :)

you are super busy, sounds like, so i hope you have fun!!! :)