Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Goodies

I wanted to share with some of the goodies I got this weekend while shopping with my mom.
There are a ton of adorable spring and summer clothes out this year.

This dress is from Old Navy. I got it in a solid green though. This weekend all of their dresses were $15.00 and then I had an extra 15% off bringing the total to $13.00. I can't wait to wear this at the beach. It will also look really cute as a bathing suit cover up.

I got this shirt from JCPenney's. It was 40% off making it $19.99 and then I had a $10 off any purchase coupon making the total price of this shirt just $9.99.

I got this spring sweater at Kohl's for $18.99 plus an extra 15%. I thought that it would look really cute with khaki pants or Capri's.

I am torn about this skirt. I did not buy it this weekend but it goes with the sweater above that I did buy. With the sweater tucked in and the huge belt that is on the skirt showing it was a super cute outfit. I thought that it would make a great outfit for church and possibly even for Easter Sunday. Any suggestions, should I go back and get it?


Whitney said...

Def get that skirt girl! It is too cute!
Love everything you got!

momma said...

love the top - i'd go get the skirt, too. it's very cute!!

Kendra said...

I LOVE that Old Navy dress!! I want one!!!