Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

- This week I am extremely thankful for Aloe Vera. On Sunday I set outside and read almost an entire book and with the temperature hitting 80 degrees; lets just say that I now look like a lobster. Not to mention the pain that I am in. My shoulders are killing me. I even missed the gym yesterday because I can't move my arms. And of course all my students think it is hilarious.

My best friend right now.

- I just added a new list to my sidebar. It is a rundown of the weight that I have lost. I am glad that I put it on there because it made me happy to see how much total weight I have lost. It was also a great motivator since I didn't do well with eating last week. So, in honor of that I am thankful for the weight that I have lost so far.

- Lazy weekends. Which is what Hubs and I have coming up. A rarity in our lives. We are always so busy and with softball season here it seems like we never get to see each other during the week. That's why I am so happy that we don't have anything planned this weekend.

What are you thankful for this week?


Puttin' On The GRITS said...

Try Noxzema! It's a little beach secret. The good ole Noxzema in the jar will take the sting out of your sunburn. Just put a little on the hurt spots and rinse it off later.

Lacy said...

I keep my aloe vera in the fridge, it is SOOO cold at first when you put it on, but feels great right away. I hope you tan over soon! This week I am thankful for rain instead of snow. :)

Whitney said...

Love Aloe!
Hate sunburn!
I'm thankful for vacation!

Mrs. Cup said...


momma said...

the ice aloe (like in your picture) is what we grab for our sunburns, too!

i am thankful for my job and my school - i love where i work!!

Kendra said...

Almost 20 pounds Kelly!!!! That is SO GREAT!!!