Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day... the morning after

Here are some pictures taken yesterday morning when the snow was still all pretty and white.

Our poor tree looks like it is going to break.

Backyard... not sure what that is in the middle of the picture.

You can see my footprints trying to get out and take this one. And my feet are not that big... I had on a pair of Hub's boots.

Looking down off the front porch

Hubs on the back deck.

Now it is melting and just a huge mess. In case I haven't mentioned this before; I am not a fan of snow. I went to college in the mountains where snow was a big thing (even though we didn't get a ton of it) so cold weather and fluffy white stuff doesn't please me.

We are out of school again today which is nice except that it is messing up our Spring Break at the beginning of April. I would have whether been out when the weather is nice. I do plan on getting some things accomplished today though. I have lots to do for a shower that I am helping host this weekend for my future sister-in-law (more about this later in the week) and I plan on working my butt off at the YMCA today since I didn't make it there yesterday (okay, and I had Mexican for supper last night).


Whitney said...

Love the pictures!

Lacy said...

That is the most snow I've seen in SC since 1989. ;)

Mrs. James said...

Wow it's beautiful!! I love snow and we never get it. Just ice which is awful!

Kendra said...

I love the way it makes the sky so blue =)

Guy and Julie said...

That's beautiful. Don't you just love the snow!!