Sunday, March 8, 2009

My love for Vera

I love Vera Bradley! They are the only bags that I will carry. Right before Christmas I asked you all to help me decide which of the new Spring patterns I should get. The winner was:
Cupcake Pink

This is the bowler bag. I had never had this style before but I love it! It is so big (my bags have to be big enough for all the "normal" purse stuff and a bottle of water + a book. And this one zips all the way down on each side. Plenty of pockets too.
I also got the Zip Around wallet. Vera has come out with a new wallet this season but I decided to stick with my tried and true version. This is the 3rd of 4th Sip Around wallet that I have had and they are great.

I just wanted to show ya'll how much I truly love Vera so I have decided to post pics of all the ones that are still in my closet. This does not take into account the 6 that I sold at a yard sale last August.
This was one of my favorites ever. I loved the colors in this pattern but unfortunately it has my initials from before I was married so I can't really carry it anymore.

Basic Black Microfiber Backpack. I got this one from the Vera Bradley Clearance sale in Charlotte 2 years ago. Total cost: $12.00. I grabbed a few for birthday gifts and had them embroidered. (Sorry about the sideways picture... not sure what happened there).

Brown Microfiber. Also from the clearance sale. $9.00 for this one. It is a little smaller than I normally carry though.

Favorite one of all time. This is a blue jean bucket tote. Clearance sale: $12.00. My mom had to fight for this one. I carry this one in the summer.

The was the last one I bought before my new Spring patterns. I have had several in this handbag style. It is the perfect size for all my "junk".

Ah, see its fall twin. I love the burgundy in this one.

Another clearance sale goodie. $6.00.
In case you haven't figured it out already the clearance sale was unbelievable. It was packed and you had to push and shove for stuff. (Luckily I am not above doing that) But the prices were crazy. I got $800 worth of retail for less than $80.00. I bought tons of gifts for people and still have several wallets and pajama shirts that I haven't given away yet. And Cheyenne, our beloved husky, got a lifetime of Vera Bradley dog collars and leashes. She was super excited.


Kendra said...

"Luckily I am not above doing that" HAHAHAHA!!! Too funny =)

momma said...

i like vera bradley bags, too.

i had a backpack one, but sold it at a yard sale.

my favorite is the pink elephant and a blue pattern. i'm not really into knowing all the colors and such. i just love the roominess and big pockets in the larger bags. i'm like you, i need a big purse - i carry a bottle of water and a book, too :)

Lacy said...

I like your new purse!! GREAT job on the deals! One thing I have learned by reading your blog is that you are an awesome shopper!! I wanna see Cheyenne wearing Vera! :)

USCEmily said...

Where is the Vera clearance sale? I'd love to hit that up!!