Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Morning Weigh In and Weekend Recap

At this morning's weigh in I had lost 3.4 lbs since last week. I was so excited to see a big number since I maintained last week. That brings my total weight loss to 21.8 lbs since starting Weight Watchers. And I had lost 7 lbs before I ever joined WW. So my actual total weight is 28 lbs but I am only counting from the Weight Watcher starting weight. I do believe that this has truly been a lifestyle change and not a diet. I am now only 1 lb or less from my 10% goal.

This weekend was wonderful. Hub's best friend came and stayed with us. We met him for dinner Friday night and had a great time. Saturday I went shopping with my mom (I will post about my great finds later) and then we grilled out steaks that night. We also watched Surprise Weddings on the WE channel; which could possibly be the worst show ever created. Sunday morning we went to Sunday school and church (we had the best worship service ever. I cried the entire time). Then we ate lunch with my parents and brother and future sister-in-law. After that we worked on rehearsal invitations and then watched Role Models (which is a pretty funny movie. The language was pretty bad but if you can look past that then it was funny).

Please pray for my brother. He has had a horrible ear ache this past week and finally went to Urgent Care yesterday and they told him that he had ruptured his ear drum. His ear has been bleeding and the pain has really been bothering him.


Whitney said...

Oh no! I will be praying for your brother!
Congrats on the weight loss - that is awesome!

Kendra said...

I can't believe you have lost 21.8 pounds in 10 weeks!!! Kelly that is incredible! I am sooo jealous!!!!!!!! Great job!

P.S. I will be praying for your brother!

Guy and Julie said...

3.5 pounds--that's awesome!! Good for you!!

momma said...

congrats on your loss this week!!