Thursday, March 26, 2009

Etiquette, ever heard of it?

I know that I have mentioned this before on my blog (when we got the Save the Date card) but since we got the actual wedding invitation in the mail this week it deserves to be discussed again.

We received a wedding invitation from one of his college fraternity brothers that is getting married in May. The invitation was addressed to my husband only. (okay not sure but I think that I live there too). It gets worse. The inside envelope says "Mr. Hubs and Guest". Yes, you read that correctly. Now given the fact that we have not really kept in touch with this guy and have never met the girl since they didn't met until we had graduated from college. And I am sure that she did the invitations and wouldn't know us from Joseph and Mary. But still, this guy was at our wedding 3 years ago and I even knew him before I met my husband. Plus his fiance has the same name as me. Now I am big on etiquette and this has just gotten under my skin. I guess that I am just going to have to get over it though.

If you are wondering we are planning on attending the wedding. It is being held in the town that Hubs is from so we will be visiting his parents for the weekend. Also it will be a great chance to see some of our college friends that we haven't seen in a while. Hubs did make me feel better when he said that we would address the gift to "Mr. Friend and Guest".


Lacy said...

I am SUCH a stickler for ettiquette too!! ESPECIALLY when it comes to wedding invites! Someone I know just got a wedding invite that used "&", and didn't spell out South Carolina! And I once got a wedding invite where they had PRINTED labels. I am all about technology and shorthand for other stuff, but that is a SERIOUS no-no for weddings!! Good for y'all about the gift for "Mr. Husband & Guest". Ha ha!!

Guy and Julie said...

HA--I like the Mr Friend and Guest--that's funny. You'd think it wouldn't have been too much trouble to find out Hubs' relationship status!!

momma said...

i agree with the others - go with the mr. friend and guest!

b is for brown said...

yes, i agree!
i am a stickler too and you have to address the gift card to say ..and guest!