Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stay Expectant Everyday

This was the title of my devotional today and when I saw it this morning I knew that it was going to be one that felt like it was speaking straight to me. BTW, if you have not read Joyce Meyer's New Day, New You devotional, you should really check it out. Today's devotion talks about staying expectant and having faith. I want to share this verse with you:

"He said to them, it is not for you to become acquainted with and know what time brings or fixed years and seasons, which the Father has appointed by His own choice and authority and personal power." Acts 1:7

Isn't that powerful? We can and should pray for the things that we desire but we need to have faith that they will happen; not in our timing, but in God's PERFECT timing. I know that there are several women that visit my blog that are also struggling with infertility like myself. You ladies have been such an inspiration to me and while it pains me to know that you are feeling as frustrated and disappointed as I do; it has been such a blessing to "talk" and share my feelings with you. This blog has been a wonderful outlet for all the emotions that I don't feel I can express. Ladies, I truly believe that God does have a a plan for us. Our struggles are not a form of punishment or lack of love from our God. I feel that this is my cross to bear and one day I will be a mommy. I've already learned that I do not have control over this. It hasn't happened in my timing so I am going to sit back and let it happen in His. And thank God everyday for the blessings that I do have because sometimes I feel like I overlook those while waiting for others.


Rebecca Taylor said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing. :)

Krysta said...

Amen sista!

HopingandWaiting said...

Hey Kelly. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am always excited to meet new people.
You're a special ed teacher, huh? Do you have as much paperwork in N. Carolina as they do here in Arkansas? It's crazy!!!!!!!
I did not know Joyce Meyer has a new devotional book out. I am glad you mentioned it though! I really enjoy reading her books---they definitely kick me in the butt, but I need that.
So sorry you are struggling with infertility also. It is not a fun road and I am not on the positive side of the road either about it (in my own life). But this is a season, and like every season, it will change!
Blessings to you....