Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Not So Perfect Timing...

I started this blog as a way to share my story and meet others that are also going through the difficult and extremely trying process of infertility. So far I have met lots of amazing women that have been such a blessing to me during this time in my life. I wanted to share my day with you but first I thought you may need some background information. So here goes:

My husband and I met January 11th 2003. We were both in college at this time. We started dating and he proposed on January 30, 2005. We got married on June 10th, 2006 and decided at that time to wait 3 years to start a family. By August 2007 I was ready but he wasn't. So one night in January 2008 he tells me that he wants to start trying for a baby in April. So in Feb. I go for my yearly dr. visit and let my dr. know that we will start trying soon. His response is that we are young and healthy we should be pg in no time. So April comes and we start trying. In June we buy the Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor. In August I switch dr.s at the request of a friend and my husband. My new dr. immediately starts testing both me and my husband. They do a sperm analysis on my hubby and he is perfect (which of course I already knew that) All of my lab works comes back fine except for my thyroid with was low. So they put me on medicine for that and my new dr. tells me she wants to do and HSG to make sure my tubes are clear. (FYI: In 2006 I had had an abnormal pap smear where they thought there may be some cysts.) In August I have the HSG done and my left tube is completely blocked with what they think is endometrosis. So she schedules me for a laproscopy in September. The lap is a complete success and removes all of my stage III endometrosis. She told me to use my monitor this month and come in for na ultrasound when I was ovulating.

Back to present: So on Sunday and Monday I got high on my monitor and called and scheduled the ultrasound for yesterday afternoon. I got peak yesterday morning so I kept my appt. She does the ultrasound and says that I have one really great follicle and that everything looks perfect and I should go home and be with my husband. Yay! That's great except for the part where my husband is out of town on a business trip until Friday afternoon. My dr. even told me I should call and meet him. Unfortunately he has his companies truck and wouldn't be able to put over 4 hours worth of driving on it without having to explain. At which point I do not think that meeting my wife to make a baby is a legitimate excuse. I was so upset and just cried. Hubs was so sweet and let me cry on the phone to him all the while apologizing. I know that this was not the time for us to get pg. God has a perfect time picked out for us and we just have to be patient and wait on His amazing timing. Please pray for me that I can be patient and faithful in my trust in God's plan for us and our lives.
Also, we are both in an out of town wedding at the end of June so an early July due date would not have been good for us.

P.S. Hubs has a business trip scheduled for this exact same time next month but he said that he was going to tell his boss that he couldn't go. That he needs to stay home and make a baby.


Megan said...


Wow...I know that we both known all things come in God's timing, but I am so excited to hear that everything is going well...with all that had to tak place in the baby making industry. ha! And you never know....with the rate I am going maybe we can be pg together...haha. that might be fun. I am so excited about everything happening in our lives and the things that God is teaching us as we go through these things. Love ya girl :)

Rebecca Taylor said...

I will definitely be praying for you! I'm glad to hear that everything is better though!

Lianna Knight said...

I am SO SO sorry! I know that exact feeling. I have felt for the pass several months that my ovulation date has NOT been very cooperative. Either I was out of town, he was out of town, etc. But you are correct...the right time is in His time. It will happen...keep the faith!