Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Journey continues...

My dr.s appt. yesterday did not go quiet like I had planned. I was supposed to be going in so that she could tell me that I had ovulated and that everything looked great. Not so much! My body prepared itself to ovulate but instead it just filled up with blood. I know, it sounds horrible and very painful but I would have never known if I hadn't had the ultrasound. So needless to say that I would never be able to get pregnant as long as my body is doing this. So now I have officially joined the world of fertility drugs. Can't you feel the excitement...yeah right. My dr. has put me on Femara and I will begin that next cycle. (Its a good thing that I didn't have Hubs drive 4 hours to meet me last week). We are hoping and praying that this will be what we need... the next steps get pretty pricey. Please keep us in your prayers. (Pray for Hubs too please... supposedly the medicine can make you pretty cranky).


Lianna Knight said...

I'll keep praying for you. Although I know you must be upset having to take fertility medications, at least feel the comfort in knowing that the doctors have diagnosed you. That is a good thing.

Praying for you and a healthy pregnancy.

Rebecca Taylor said...

Praying for you!

I left you a little something on my blog!