Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting ready for the Holidays!

Wow, Christmas is only alittle over 3 months away. It seems like we just finished the holidays. I remember when I was little I always thought that the saddest day of the year was December 26th. It just seemed then like it was FOREVER until Christmas. Now that I have gotten older the years just fly by and it seems like you've barely gotten the decorations put away before you have to get them back out. Not that I am complaining; I for one LOVE to decorate for the holidays (any holiday for that matter). In fact this weekend I plan on putting my fall scene up in my front yard. I have already started buying Christmas presents this year too. Usually I am such a last minute shopper and end up picking things up just to have them. *One very important tip that I have learned is to keep little "anyone" gifts incase neighbors bring presents by. For this purpose, I keep at least 2 really great blankets or throws in a netural color* I am also starting a list that I will add too each time I purchase a gift that way I can keep up with all that we buy and the amount of money that we spend. This year my in-laws are coming to stay with us on Christmas Eve and be there Christmas morning. Normally we travel to see them on Christmas Day afternoon but this year we have moved our Christmas get-together with them unitl the weekend after Christmas to accomodate my our brother and sister-in-law. This year will be the second year that we are planning a "Dirty Santa" party. For those of you that have never heard of one, a "Dirty Santa" party requires that every guest bring a small ($10) gender-neutral gift. Once the party is underway, each guest draws a number and all gifts are put in a pile in the center. Whoever drew #1 gets to choose any gift they want and unwrap it. The person with #2 can then either take #1's gift or choose their own from the pile. It keeps going like this until each person has unwrapped a gift. It tons of fun for all ages. Some of the best gifts last year were: gift cards, a fondue set, wine, decorative dips bowls, Christmas ornaments, a dart board, tool kit, etc. Just writting this blog is getting me so EXCITED for the holidays. Although before I can think about Christmas I need to plan for 2 of my other favorite days; Halloween and Thanksgiving. (Plus we can throw my 26th birthday and my hubby's 28th birthday in there).

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